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Workshops, Photo Clinics and Seminars

When we began conducting workshops more than a decade ago, we quickly realized that for any workshop to be a success, there are key factors that need to be met. We needed professionally trained guides, we needed a classroom setting for guests to be comfortable, we needed a world class camera room, and of course Nitrox. In other words, we needed a team of dedicated professionals and a resort. Crystal Blue Resort is that place and has become a renowned operation that provides the support and the space for budding and professional photographers alike to build their portfolio and lifelong photo skills.

Our workshops are open to everyone that wants to join, from compact cameras to the latest mirrorless or DSLR users, from novice to advanced. Many or our repeat guests started here and have now gone on to being published, winning contests and saving the world, one great photo at a time.

We conduct different types of workshops that concentrate on the finer aspects of capturing images through a three pronged approach, theory, shooting and reviewing. In addition, we also partner with other professionals that are at the top of their game, to offer our guests a wide variety of choices.

A day in a workshop: Our days are busy and include 2 seminars, one for technique and one for editing in addition to photo reviews. Evenings are left for you to relax or sign up for 1:1 coaching.

What to expect: Intensive fun, a vast information flow, camaraderie, lots of diving and great food!

What to bring: Depending on the workshop, you'll want to bring  macro gear, wide angle gear or a combination of both. A computer with “Lightroom Classic" downloaded and installed. In addition, be sure to have enough memory to archive a minimum of 30+ gigs of information or more, external hard drives are handy for this.

Come and experience our special blend of fun and knowledge during our workshops, all set up in a world class dive operation that you will come to love and enjoy. In addition to our annual series of workshops, we also partner with other professionals and gear shops to bring you the best of the best. Please stay tuned to this page for updates, sign up for our newsletter or even better, e-mail me directly.

Testimonials from our guests around the globe

I was extremely fortunate to have been invited by a diving friend to attend my first “Critterfest” workshop in 2014. It was held at Crystal Blue Resort , Anilao, Philippines and hosted by Mike Bartick . Mike is both an excellent communicator and photographer, both above & below water with amazing innovative ideas & techniques. I was so impressed with the workshop on so many levels. Firstly , discussions and demonstrations provided by Mike were both interesting and so very informative . He demonstrated various examples of camera placement and lighting techniques . He showed a wide number of “critters” that we might encounter , what to look for and how to approach them to photograph what Mike called “the peak of the action” . The workshops were enhanced with mid- day discussions on computer use of Lightroom and conducted by his Critterfest workshop partner, Bruce Shafer. The workshops run like a fine oiled machine. This is due to the incredible staff Mike has backing him up. The dive boats, staff, guides and dive gear operation is second to none. The camera room where everyone has their own personal desk with lights & power boards are exceptional. The accommodation and meals provided are great made even better by the smiling staff. Crystal Blue even has its own commercial water business that supplies the best water to drink. The pick up from your hotel in Manila there and back is so professional and always on time. I am very happy to endorse all of Mikes workshops held at Crystal Blue and I know that I am looking forward to my sixth visit.

~Jim Johnson, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Mike's Macro photography workshop at Crystal Blue Resort was a game changer for me, I've turned from someone who was struggling to light up a macro subject to choosing which technique to use, taking shots with multiple techniques, and then struggling, but this time to choose which picture is better than the other, because all of them are great to choose one over the other. Also Mike is a master instructor in lighting with a snoot, his teachings and daily follow-ups transformed me from about to shoot myself in the foot to mastering the snoot, shooting with a snoot is so hard, but Mike's teaching will help you break all the obstacles you will face during the learning process. If you want to master macro photography, Mike is the MAN.

~Bishoy Mikhael, San Francisco, CA, USA

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